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The Allure of Scent

What is it about a scent that captivates the seeker?

The power of scent lies in its ability to evoke memories, and emotions, and even alter mood.

It can transport us to different times and places, triggering a sense of nostalgia or excitement. Additionally, the scent is deeply linked to our primal instincts and can invoke primal responses, making it an entrancing and compelling aspect of the human encounter.

It can enhance our experiences, make spaces more inviting, and even influence our behavior and decisions. The complexity and variability of scents add an element of intrigue and mystery, further engrossing those who seek to explore and understand scents' allure.

Our upcoming botanical perfume is nearing completion, with a May release of the new scent on the horizon. I would have loved to accelerate the process, but unfortunately, formulating in the natural perfume world takes a bit longer than expected due to the complexity of the notes being used. It was inspired by a magical evening under the star-filled sky in Kefalonia, Greece.

I enjoy sharing recipes, and a few years ago, I created one inspired by the delicate, sweet, and floral Lilac. It's an uplifting fragrance that inspires images of springtime. Overall, it's a lovely and nostalgic scent that many find soothing. It also happens to be one of my sister Estella's favorites.

Lilac Blossoms Enfleurage


  • Fresh lilac blossoms (pesticide-free)

  • Solid perfume base (such as virgin coconut oil, shea butter, or beeswax)

  • Clean glass jar with a tight-fitting lid

  • Muslin cloth or cheesecloth


  1. Gently rinse the lilac blossoms under cold water to remove any dirt or debris. Pat them dry with a clean kitchen towel or paper towel.

  2. Place a layer of lilac blossoms on the bottom of the clean glass jar.

  3. Cover the layer of lilac blossoms with a thin layer of the solid perfume base.

  4. Continue layering lilac blossoms and solid perfume base, alternating between the two, until the jar is nearly full.

  5. Seal the jar tightly with the lid and place it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

  6. Allow the lilac blossoms to infuse into the solid perfume base for at least one week, though longer infusion times (up to several weeks) can result in a stronger fragrance.

  7. After the desired infusion time carefully strain the infused solid perfume base through a muslin or cheesecloth to remove the lilac blossoms, pressing gently to extract as much of the infused perfume as possible.

  8. Transfer the strained lilac enfleurage solid perfume into dry containers for storage. You can use an antique compact, small tins, or lip balm tubes depending on your preference.

  9. Label your containers with the date and scent, and store them in a cool, dark place.

  10. Apply your solid perfume to pulse points as desired for a delicate floral scent.

Enjoy the beautiful delicate fragrance of lilacs with your homemade solid perfume! Adjust the amount of lilac blossoms and infusion time according to your preference for a lighter or stronger scent.

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Introductory photo credits Nidia Alexander: Orange blossoms in an aged copper vase, Laying lady nude sculpture with fresh tulips in her hair Provincetown, Cape Cod.

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