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Love Garden/San German/Deep in Fig

Love Garden/San German/Deep in Fig


Classic Trio - hand-poured 8 oz. with a 50-60 clean burn time. Made with ethically sourced coconut wax.

SAN GERMAN - Gardenia


DEEP IN FIG - Voluptuous Fig


  • Written words

    San German - An evening stroll through the San German Square, while listening to the arias of the island's coqui whisper in your ear. As scents of Gardenia linger in the air.

    Un paseo nocturno por la Plaza de San German, mientras escuchas las arias del coqui de las islas susurrar en tu oido y las aromas de Gardenia permanence en el aire.

    Deep in Fig - That time in space on the seductive Balearic Island, where the gentle breeze aura of fig and flora memories pass by.

    Love Garden - Where jasmine, orange blossoms, lavender bloom, and hints of lilies and roses aromas drift, is where butterflies flutter in delight, and fireflies create magic in the night sky and a place where lovers unite.

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