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Palo Santo 8oz. 100% Natural Candle

Palo Santo 8oz. 100% Natural Candle

SKU: 00010

Made with Virgin Coconut Soy Wax, our proprietary blend of Palo Santo essential oil has been thoughtfully handcrafted, Made with the purest Palo Santo (Holy Wood) essential oil. Directly sourced from an Ecuadorian small batch farm that produces 100% organic and handmade Palo Santo Essential Oil using only fallen Bursera graveolens trees in their prodution.  Delight your senses.


LWood Wick, No Phalates, No Parabens, Vegan.


Invite peace and tranquility into your enviroment, try our Palo Santo Cleansing Mist, Candle, Soap or Natural Perfume Oil.Amazing natural scent full of great energy.Smells Bright, Woodsy, Musky


As always, please consult your doctor about using any product containing essential oils if you are pregnant or is the message.........


How to use;  trim wick and light, think of the intention you like to set for yourself.  Do not burn for more than  two hours.  The Palo Santo scent will linger in the air to create a tranquil enviroment and clear the negative energy and create positive energy in your space.


Used for clearing negative energy, encouraging positive energy and good fortune, calms headaches and anxiety, repels mosquitos.


love is the message..............